Its Not Just The Lighting

 I went to get my hair done tonight. I luv my hair girl. Hubs and her hubs work together and we go on trips with them every year when the guys have to travel for work.  We get along great and always have a fabulous time together. I usually sing her praises and am quick to drop her name if anyone asks if I know a good hair person.

I am not sure what she was thinking today. It is WAY lighter and for the love of all things holy the woman gave me bangs. BANGS PEOPLE! I have not had bangs for oh lets say a good 10 years. I have never really “looked very old”,  ( I still get carded when I buy lottery tickets) now I look like Noodle’s twin sister. Poor girl.

Hubs and Noodle both just stared at me when I got home. I gave Hubs a free ticket and told him to tell me the truth. “It could be worse” is all I could get out of him.

I am hoping that once I wash it myself and fool around with it I can at least get it to the point where I am comfortable leaving the house.

If not I may have quite a few hat days in my future.

There are not enough oreos in the world to fix this.

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2 comments on “Its Not Just The Lighting

  1. Michelle says:

    I hate a bad haircut, but I think your situation is so much worse than that because you can’t just do what i do – never go back to the person that butchered me. Hugs. Maybe this calls for the mint-flavored oreos.

  2. Audrey says:

    Bad haircuts are the worst. I had my fave lady do my hair when I moved back here to Tally, and it looked awful. I went to Wal-Mart to get it fixed. Now I love my hair. I’m going to try to grow it out right now, though. But I do hope you can do something with your hair that makes you feel good in it.

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