I have been in a great big funk the past few days. I know why, but I just can’t shake it. Someone has hurt my feelings to the depths of my soul and I am not sure if I can let it go. Then if that wasn’t enough, someone else who knew I was having a hard time took a great big jab at me and pretty much sent me into a downward spiral. A nasty ugly spiral that still has me upset.

One bright side of the weekend was BFF and her lovely family were home. Unfortunately for you, Mr.BFF who really is someone who can’t have his picture on the internet, is in ALL of the cute pictures I took this weekend. Then, end as all good things do, they had to get back on the great big metal bird and go home this afternoon. Little Mister and Bug have their cute little pudgy fingers wrapped around my heart and seem to have ripped it out and taken it with them. So much for the bright side.

I hate feeling like this.

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3 comments on “Sad

  1. vixensden says:

    Awww Mar. I am so sorry you were hurt. Feel better!

  2. Michelle says:

    Good thoughts floating your way thru Cyberspace…

  3. Audrey says:

    I hope you get to feeling yourself again soon. Funks are the worst!

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