Picky McPicky Pants

My girl is picky with a capitol P.I.C.K.Y. She does not eat meat. She does not eat fruit. She does not eat veggies. She is pretty much a walking carb.

This morning though?? While she was making her very own lunch, she made herself a lunch-meat sandwich. Did you see what I said?  A sandwich with MEAT on it!! And she did it on her own.  Now we will just have to see if she really ate it.

I used to get upset and worry and try and force her to eat things. I was at my wits end and then her pediatrician told me to just leave her alone. So leave her alone I did. Until a night last week. We were having a mid-western girls dream dinner. Steak, potatoes and corn. I put 6 measly corn kernels on Noodle’s plate. Then I slathered them with butter and salt. I asked her to try it sure that if she were truly of my flesh and blood would she would love it. She picked it apart, moved it all around her plate, put one kernel on her fork, smelled it. I said just try it. As the corn got closer and closer to her mouth she began to dry heave. That was as far as we got. You would have thought I was feeding her dog turds. I have never claimed to be a world class chef , but I am an Iowa girl born and bred, not even I could screw up sweet corn.

I remember many a night sitting at the supper table long after everyone else was done staring at a cold lump of whatever it was I didn’t want to eat stared back at me. Have you ever had green beans for breakfast? I wouldn’t recommend them.

 I can’t really hide one food in another (i.e. veggies in meat loaf) as she is way to smart for that and well so picky that I probably couldn’t come up with 2 foods to mix together if I tried.

 Are you or your kids picky eaters? Any suggestions to get my kid to eat something other than Capt Crunch or Easy Mac??

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One comment on “Picky McPicky Pants

  1. Audrey says:

    I used to be a REALLY picky eater…even tried the whole no meat thing, my sister went through that stage, too. What did it for me, though, was Sir Computer Extraordinaire. It started with our lunch dates. When he chose places to eat, he would pick food I thought I didn’t like (and sometimes, food that I REALLY do hate…and still does, in fact). But, I kicked the habit when we started living together. I can’t cook and he can, so he made food he liked. Eventually, I just got over it. That’s not to say I don’t relapse every once in a while, but I def eat a MUCH wider variety of foods, now. I’m sure Noodle will grow out of it.

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