Cooking With Mar

I come from a long line of great cooks. The line comes to a halt when it gets to me. There are a few things I make well and everything else passes as a meal most days.

We eat out every single day at work. Every once in awhile I get tired of it and think I am going to make my lunch. Now, I don’t have enough time or energy to make my lunch at home but we do have a full size fridge at work so that helps. A day last week I brought a loaf of bread with me knowing there was a jar of peanut butter there and package of tuna fish.

Weds. I opened the jar of peanut butter it was almost gone. I looked at the label, it expired in April. I smelled it. Yeah, it smelled a little different. I tasted it. It wasn’t too bad. I made the bossman and I both sandwiches. We both spent the rest of the afternoon tasting rancid peanuts.

Thursday I made tuna fish sandwiches. They tasted great. (Not real hard to mess up I know). Well not thinking I threw the empty package in the back room trashcan. Have I ever told you that our back room has no A/C? Do you know what an empty tuna fish package smells like after sitting in a trash can in a room that is about 95 degrees for 18 hours? I do now, and let me tell you not so pleasant.

Tomorrow it is back to eating out. At least when that tastes bad I have someone else to blame.


One comment on “Cooking With Mar

  1. Mallory says:

    LOL No one can say you didn’t try! I take my lunch–it’s cheap, and its lower-calorie usually. I usually get a Lean Cuisine and some fruit and call it good. Chunky soup in a can is good too, lol. I am cheap AND lazy.

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