Math Was Never My Strong Point

Noodle is allowed to wear either a red or a white polo shirt to school. When we went to the uniform store we bought 3 of each color.

Because I am F-ing OCD slightly particular about laundry, when I was sorting dirty clothes this morning I threw all of Noodle’s uniforms on one pile to then sort into a red pile, a white pile and a plaid pile, all to be washed in separate loads from everything else. Part of my reasoning is so they last longer and don’t get dried to death in the dryer if they are mixed in with a larger load. When I went to sort them into the small piles I found 2 red shirts and 1 white shirt. She went to school 4 days last week. We were missing a shirt. I looked high and low. Noodle said she looked EVERYWHERE. Still no shirt. I waited for the load of whites in the dryer to see if for some reason it got mixed in there which was highly unlikely given my affore mentioned OCD tendencies.

Still no shirt. I called my dad and asked if she left one at his house when she was there Friday afternoon. Nope. I called Mama B and asked her if she had found it as she was tackling her own pile of red and white. Nope. I started to get upset. How in the world did we lose a shirt. (BTW – I have labeled all her shirts for this very reason , again I say to you OCD). I tried to remember what day she wore what color shirt. I made her look in her closet and see if it was indeed a white shirt we were looking for. Yes, a white one. I just couldn’t figure it out.

When I went in to tuck her in I looked in her closet. 2 white shirts, 1 red shirt. Those mixed with the 2 dirty red shirts and the 1 dirty white shirt gave us all of our 6 shirts. Noodle was pissed at me. I did feel bad but she is the one who looked in her closet. All I can think of is that she must have worn one of the shirts twice. Now how this may have happened I have no idea. I can’t get her to pick up dirty clothes off her floor to save my soul, and I guarantee you she did not hang it back up after she took it off.

It was probably that damn Laundry Fairy. Why she only washed one shirt I will never know. Oh thats right, I would have probably ripped her wings off for even thinking about touching the dirty clothes, because I am sure she would not have done it my way the right way. Now if she wants to come over and do dishes or clean toilets? She is more than welcome.


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