Do Unto Others

A few days ago at work one of our “regular pickers” came in. He told me he had just run out of gas and wanted to know if he could borrow $5.00 until he could drop off the load of furniture he had in the truck. I gave him the money. The next thing I know a woman comes up to the counter and says “Did you just give him $5.00?”. I said “Yes”. The woman was dumbfounded. I simply said “I know who he is”. By the way, I have never seen this woman in my life. Then the woman clicked her tongue at me.  It pissed me off. I then asked her “Why does it matter to you? It is my money and I would like to think if I ever needed help someone would do the same for me”.

I think she needs to go back to kindergarten and learn the golden rule. In case you were wondering? He was back in about 30 mins with the money.


4 comments on “Do Unto Others

  1. SparkleFarkle says:

    Seriously WTH is wrong with her? What does she know and why does she care? People are so strange….I do that stuff all the time. I just know when I can and even when I know I shouldn’t I do it anyway and its no one business. cheese its, as my youngest would say.

  2. vixensden says:

    Ooops, I left a comment before (which is probably in moderation) from my personal, as in I don’t want the world to know, website for my family. Didn’t realize I was logged on there. So the comment stands, but if ya could change the contact stuff??? Sorry.

  3. marmagoo says:

    No biggie, all done.

  4. Michelle says:

    I think your response was excellent. Seriously, what does she care? There’s nothing like the judgemental…

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