When my brother was in grade school he has a class project where he had to write a letter to someone about something (the details are a bit sketchy), he chose to write to one of the helicopter pilots for a local news channel. My brother was invited to fly in the helicopter by the pilot and was on a newscast with him.

Earlier this afternoon 2 helicopters for a 2 local newstations collied and crashed. 4 men died. It is a sad, sad thing. Yes, it was years ago that my brother was a passenger, but it goes to show that you never know. I hope and pray that these men did not suffer as the pictures are horrific of the wreakage. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts.

They were following a high speed chase at the time. I am not sure they have the loser they were chasing yet or not. I hope they find him and he has lots and lots of time to and think about the tragedy that he caused by his actions. Stupid people suck.


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