Did you feel slight rumble of the ground this afternoon about 3:30? That was my grandpa rolling over in his grave as I paid $6.00 for 12 ears of sweet corn. When you come from corn country and your family farms 500 acres of the stuff it is a cardinal sin to pay ANY amount of money for corn, let alone what I did. Within the next few weeks in Podunk you will be able to buy corn for $1.oo a dozen. More than likely though, someone will know someone who has more than they can get rid of and pawn it off  give you all that you want.

I just couldn’t resist. My roots got the best of me. We had sweet corn for dinner, all 12 ears. We may be, to borrow a phrase from an old friend, shitting through a screen door come morning, but it was oh so worth it. If you promise not to tell I will let you in on a little secret, I am going back tomorrow to buy more. Please make sure all your belongings are secure because Grandpa is about to roll over again!!

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5 comments on “Disowned

  1. Yummmmm. When we go to the fair, the first thing I look for is the Corn-on-a-stick, with the melting butter and nice and salty. I wish I could get free corn around here.

  2. Vixen says:

    Now I am going to the store to get some….solved my dinner problems!

  3. Christina says:

    Cracking up at the shitting thru a screen door :)!
    I’d pay that too, fresh corn is priceless.

  4. mizgee says:

    I grew up in Roseburg, OR and so I understand your frustration on paying for corn. My grandparents would probably crap themselves if they knew I spent $0.79 on ONE ear of corn! LOL Yeah, one ear. Well, technically I bought TWO ears, but still. I love fresh corn!

  5. luvmogo says:

    LOL… shitting through a screen door! Classic!

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