Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich…

Because we are 80 year old people trapped in 30 year old bodies we very much enjoy watching those programs on t.v. that are about people buying and sellin their houses and decorating them etc. The other night the 3 of us were hudled in the double bed and House Hunter came on. It showed a family looking to buy a vacation home. The first one they looked at was 1.4 million dollars. Noodle yelled at the t.v. “For a vacation home?” Hubs pointed out that our new house would not even be worth the .4 of their price range.  It was then and there it came to me. We.are.currently.renting.a.summer.home!! Woot! Woot! Aren’t we classy? When I shared this realization Noodle rolled her eyes and I told her that this would most likely be the only opportunity for us to ever be able to say this.

Now only if we were only 500 yards from the beach like the people on t.v.


2 comments on “Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich…

  1. Michelle says:

    Summer home – you sure are fancy!

  2. nila says:

    At least you’ve got lots of sand, kinda like the beach.

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