Its A Small World Afterall

A night last week we went to a friends softball game. It was like old home week with all the people who were there that we knew, mostly through Noodle’s school. Someone said something about the new house and someone else asked where it was. When I told him he said that was where someone else from school had bought. I didn’t think much more of it. Until the next day when I was at the grocery store and ran into the mom of the family that I was told also bought out by us. We talked a bit, come to find out? Yeah, their backyard will back up to ours. Noodle was pretty excited to learn that not only will they be our neighbors, she will have a friend in the “hood” who goes to her school. 

This was one of the rare instances that I was able to keep my foot out of my mouth though. They bought the same model as we did and there are several options that you can pick and choose or change. Before I learned which house was theirs I asked about one of the rather large options and if they did it or not. She said no they didn’t. I then asked her if they had done this particular option for flooring. She said yes that they had. I told her we had been in their house to see what it looked like without the option. I am so glad the light-bulb came on when it did. I did not like what flooring they picked at all and am so glad that I didn’t say so before I realized it was her house!


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