Tar-Jay Here I Come

Part of my pack-ratting skills cause me to also stock pile things. 6 tubes of toothpaste? We will use them eventually. And chances are if I am at the store and am walking by the toothpaste? I will throw another tube in the cart just because I am there and I guess because I can.  Its not just toothpaste though, our linen closet is just like a corner drug store.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I went on the hunt for a bottle of conditioner. The only think I could find was some of Noodle’s American Girl “Spring Flowers” stuff. Silly me, I thought something was better than nothing. It made my hair feel like straw and I kept getting whiffs of a dead garden all day long. Yeah, it was my hair. This morning I will be throwing on a baseball cap and going to the store to get some of the good stuff. And maybe even another tube of toothpaste.


One comment on “Tar-Jay Here I Come

  1. Christina says:

    i LUV target! I dont know what it is about that place but I just spend a fortune everytime I go. Im due another trip acutally, I have a list started. Im a stocker-upper as well. I buy the biggest packs of TP and for 2 of us, my reasoning? Thats just not something you want to run out of. We never do run out of anything, I always have that back up ready. I bet Mike has never noticed that, the shampoo just magically lasts forever. HA!

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