Another Day

Its already been a busy morning around here. Most importantly I did get to sleep until 7:15 or so, not as late as I would have liked but better than getting up at 5:00.

I have already packed about 3 boxes and have enough other stuff wrapped to fill a couple of more. I have folded one load of laundry, and have another in the washer and one in the dryer. Yeah for clean clothes.

Hubs has mowed the yard (that may be one of the reasons I woke up at 7) and given one dog a bath. Now she is sitting looking out the back door as he is trying to give the other one her bath. The one who is out there now hates water with a burning passion , and I thought all labs loved water, and the one inside would swim until the cows came home if we would let her. Those sad little puppy dog eyes, they kill me.

We have our appointment at the design center today to pick tile and carpet and all that good stuff for the new house. I hope we can agree for the most part. When we put tile in this house it took us about 3 months to find something we liked. Let see how well we do with the hour they are going to give us.

After that we are going to drop a bunch of boxes off at the storage unit and then take the trailer and quads out to a friends house because there will be no room at the one we are renting.

Then tonight?? We are going out to dinner with friends. And maybe a movie. A real life movie at a movie theatre. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Better go and check on my laundry. Hope y’all have a great day. I promise a more interesting post soon. There are still lots of stories to tell from the family reunion last weekend!!


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