Boy Howdy am I ever glad its Friday. I woke up this morning with a cold sore the size of Montana. One of my customers was nice enough to point it out to me today with a store full of people. Then he proceded to tell me that cold sores are a form of herpes and did I know that very loudly. Thanks Jack-Ass!

I had a huge fight difference of opinion with my boss this afternoon. Its a damn good thing that they can’t function without me, or I may have been S.O.L. (This was my hall director in college favorite thing to say- You are going to be S.O.L. , Sleeping on the Lawn, guess it was funnier then).

The hubs tried to make me feel better by taking me to my favorite resturant. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t very good tonight. Guess everyone is having a bad day.

Then like a ton of bricks it hit me. I miss Noodle. Someone asked me yesterday if I missed her, I said not like I thought I would. Today? I miss her more than I thought I could. 12 more days. She still hasn’t called, but has sent a few emails.  They are pretty stinkin’ cute, how can I fault her for having a good time when its exactly where I would like to be myself.

Tomorrow is another busy day. It will begin though with sleeping in. If that doesn’t make me feel better nothing will. (Except the bag of oreos in the pantry that I had to buy to replace the last bag that I ate entirely by myself).

In when I was supposed to be working my spare time I have been a music downloading fool so maybe I will throw out a Saturday Shuffle tomorrow, its been awhile since I have done one.

Hubs is waiting patiently for the laptop. He wants to pay the bills. Don’t ever tell me we don’t know how to have a good time on a Friday night without our kiddo around ;).


One comment on “TGIF

  1. I am sorry you miss Noodle so much. Of course you do. I am a sadsack every summer when my kids stay with their dad on the week days.

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