Good Hands?

Sometimes it makes me wonder. That is the motto of our insurance company. Right now I am not feeling it.

I was rear-ended the beginning of December. The hoodlum young man who hit me while going somewhere between 35-40 miles per hour while I was stopped, did not have insurance. Or a drivers license. For that matter he didn’t even have a car, he was driving the one that belonged to his girlfriend at the time. I say at the time because I am sure after the Hi Honey I totalled your car this afternoon phone call, things may have went downhill from there.  (She didn’t have insurance either).

We of course do have insurance so we had to open an uninsurred (sp?) motorist claim. I ended up in urgent care that night and did 8 sessions of physical therapy. The only time my neck really bothers me anymore is when I am getting my hair done and have to rest my neck in those overly uncomfortable sinks while the toner makes my hair not orange. Neck pain or orange hair? Both are equally as bad, but if I had to choose? Bring on the pain.

Anyhoo, they are trying to settle my claim*. Let me just say, I am not trying to get rich, but I would like to feel like I am being fairly compensated. So far? Not even close. I know there is not a set standard but does anyone know what I should expect? At one time I thought I had heard 2 1/2 times your medical bills. Maybe I am smoking crack and made that last bit up. Do y’all know?

*They say is is based on damage to your vehicle and bodily injury. The kid who hit me had both airbags go off and my ball hitch pretty much tore up his radiator (besides the fact the little bitty car was wedged up underneath my big o truck and it took the tow truck driver about 10 mins to get them apart). The damage to my truck was fairly minimal due to the heavy duty hitch we have. Had the hitch not been on, I am sure it would have bent the frame on my truck (in which case we would have fought to have it totalled had they not done so) and who knows how badly they would have been hurt in the car that hit me. Or if I would have been hurt worse, the hitch took a large part of the impact. My guess is it would have not been pretty.  (I can talk like I know all about car stuff cause Hubs works for a dealership, not because I actually have a clue about it).

Have any of you gotten settlements? You don’t have to tell me exact numbers, I just wonder if you think you got a fair amount and maybe a rough idea of what you got (for pain and suffering) vs. what your bills were.



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