Marlee Snarky Magoo, That’s My Name

Bitter? Table For One? Your Table Is Ready…

I am not sure any of you remember me rambling on that “friend” might buy our house. I told him up front if he didn’t want to buy it, that was fine but he just had to let me know. I told him right before we were going to put it on the market. He asked that I give him a few days to think about it. That was fine. He took about 3 weeks. He brought his mom over (yeah he is 35 and still lives at home), he brought his brother over. He asked every question under the sun and then some. He decided not to buy our house. Again, it was fine but I did feel like he led us on and that pissed me off.

The same day he told me he wasn’t going to buy our house he started asking me questions about buying something else. WTF? Why are you asking me? Why don’t you just pour salt right into a wound. I don’t want your house but will you help me find something else? I think not.

He came into work today and told me he bought something. Now, for the record I am thrilled for him that he jumped on the bandwagon and cut the cord so to speak. I told him congratulations, I was happy for him and I couldn’t wait to see it. Then I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Friend walked away and bossman bit my head off telling me friend was so excited and I needed to reinforce what he had done. Again WTF? He is 35 years old. Grow some balls dude. As excited as I am about our new house, I don’t talk about it much except on here and I will cut back on that I promise cause who really wants to hear about it besides me. I was happy for him but enough is enough with the coddling.

I don’t know about where y’all live but here? Duplexes suck. That is what he bought. It was more money that we are asking for our house. It is less than a mile away from his mom maybe he still needs her to wipe his ass just wants to be close by so she can do his laundry so she can just pop in for a visit.


2 comments on “Marlee Snarky Magoo, That’s My Name

  1. Christina says:

    Don’t you love the crossout feature! heh! Loved reading that, sorry that he was so lame that he though a duplex was a better choice. It has to be the distances to Mom’s, has to be. I’ve lived in a few different states and duplexes always suck!

  2. nila says:

    He’ll be regretting that duplex. Who would want their neighbors that close, and for more money. Maybe he needs the security of knowing that there’s someone behind the next wall. Like living with mommy.

    Good luck with the sale.

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